Have You Decided On A Christian Education For Your Daughter?

Are you a parent who attended public high school when you were young? If so, you more than likely remember how distracting it was to have members of the opposite sex in your classrooms, don't you? If you were a young girl infatuated by the handsome football player, you probably had trouble concentrating on things your teacher was saying. If you were the football player yourself, you were more than likely distracted by the cute girl that sat next to you. 

Maybe you have decided that those fun memories are the ones you also want for your daughter. On the other hand, if you want your daughter to be less distracted, and if you want her to have a Christ-based education, maybe you have decided against sending her to a public high school. With that in mind, have you considered sending your daughter than all-girls Catholic high school? If so, from what she can expect in the classroom setting to being part of extra curricular activities, here are some ideas that might help.

Catholic Based Classroom Teaching - In an all girls private Catholic high school, one of the first things your daughter will notice will be the size of the class. It will probably be a lot smaller than the classes she attended in the public school she attended earlier. Obviously, that means that your daughter will receive more one-on-one attention. 

Secular teachings will not be part of the curriculum. Instead, the Catholic values that you are teaching at home will also be emphasized right in each class your daughter attends. Your daughter will probably also attend religion classes. For example, she will probably be in a class that teaches from the Four Gospels found in the New Testament. Even science classes will more than likely have a Christ-based emphasis. For example, geography classes might emphasize the areas of the Holy Land where Christ and His apostles traveled. 

Extra-Curricular Experiences - Does your daughter love sports? At an all girls Catholic high school, she will more than likely have the opportunity to play on a sports team. A chess team, foreign language clubs and being part of the group that puts the yearbook together might be available to your daughter, too. 

Find out if there will be well chaperoned dances that are held with an all boys Catholic high school. You'll find that there won't be things like cussing and inappropriate dress allowed at those events.